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Who Else Wants To Discover The Simple Truth About Easy Breastfeeding And Avoid A Painful Experience!

Welcome to The Breastfeeding Secrets,

My name is Mary Hopkins and I am the mother of two sweet little boys. I've gained a huge amount of knowledge about breastfeeding from my own experiences. You already guess that I am really enthusiastic about breastfeeding and nursing, and it is my goal to see that everyone gets good valid information about lactation. So I'd like to share my knowledge with you, free of charge.

Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information about Breastfeeding, or even better: sign up for my breastfeeding email information course here below. You'll receive a valuable in dept article about a breastfeeding topic every few days in your email box.

In my FREE Minicourse You'll Learn:

  • How to breastfeed
  • Does breastfeeding make you nervous?
  • Keep your baby safe
  • Why breast is best
  • Underfeeding and overfeeding
  • How to express yourself or not?
  • The rewards of breastfeeding
  • When breastfeeding is on red alert!
  • Equipment for breastfeeding
  • Have you heard about the breastfeeding laws?
  • and lots, LOTS more...

"Mary, thank you for providing such a useful resource for Breastfeeding Mothers! I really got nervous during the first few days and your email course showed me how to overcome those initial difficulties."

Chrissy Johnsson
San Francisco, CA


Yes, Mary! I Want to Learn the Secrets of Raising Happy, Healthy Babies and Enjoy a Happy Breastfeeding Experience!

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